quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Fuck Metallica

Nada melhor do que música barulhenta e um bom senso de humor. Os caras do PC Death Squad são portadores da manha.

In 83 I bought Kill em All
I circle moshed with the Phantom Lord
I hit the lights with the Metal Militia
and pulled mad teeth with no Anesthesia

In 84 I bought Ride The Lightning
I Faded to Black and the Death was Creeping
Trapped Under Ice I heard the Bell Toll
There was no Escape when Ktulu Called

In 86 I bought Master of Puppets
and Welcomed Home my Disposable Heroes
Me and Lepher committed Battery
The Death of Cliff is What Should Not Be

So go back in the closet and write some new riffs
or at least own up to Killing Cliff
Hes spinning in his grave during your rehab stints
I thought you'd never get gayer than Kirk's fucking Lisp

Shitty records tours and VH1 Specials
You've clowned yourselves into the jokes of metal
I don't care how many times you load
Your blackened eye will shows there's Justice For All

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